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At Encon Commercial, we know that office tenants are weighing their options to renew or find alternative space, but in either case tenants want savings. An often overlooked option is the Flex Space scenario to achieve more office space at a lower cost. Laying out the cost advantages associated with Flex Space verses traditional office space and what tenants can expect to achieve economically verses current corporate offices is a dialogue worth having. We recommend adding flex space to your search for corporate locations.
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What alternatives do office space tenants have in major commercial markets such as Los Angeles when rates are spiking and vacancies are low? You could call today’s market, ownership ascendancy or more appropriately a tenant’s perfect storm. Either way, class office space tenants may have little or no alternatives except scale down in square footage, find efficiencies in office layout or simply absorb added market premiums. For the rest that utilize class B & C office space, that is to say, older office buildings or garden style suburban market complexes, there is a viable alternative to full service office rates going sky high. The alternative is Flex Space, an industrial building with office build-out, and therein lies significant savings. If pursued correctly, a flexible landlord can help you achieve across-the-board cost reductions, or better yet, increase your square footage while maintaining a class A corporate image. Bottom-line savings may just require a little creative thinking outside the office box.

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